Gabriel Z - bassist

Born in Rio, Gabriel Z comes from a family of musicians. His grandmother was a virtuous classic pianist who played MPB and bossa nova classics all her life. His parents, who had a rock band together when Gabriel was a child, provided him with a lot of local and international influences from genres like MPB, rock and metal. At an early age, Gabriel enjoyed singing the most. By 17 years old, he found his instrument, the electric bass. He started playing with original music bands and tribute projects that were hugely influenced by progressive metal and post-hardcore. Soon he started to get confused when asked about his influences. Gabriel is also a psychologist who loves to study symbols.

Luiz Caetano - guitarist, songwriter


Luiz Caetano was born in Rio and started playing guitar at the age of 13. Influenced by his father, he would always get excited to go out and search for Stevie Wonder and Deep Purple CDs in stores. He began playing with local bands after turning 15 and got more into rap, reggae and instrumental music as he approached college. After graduation, Luiz had a hard time managing his time between being a guitarist and working for a record label. After deciding to focus exclusively on playing, Luiz had various gigs with rock/pop bands, singers/rappers, and Carnival marching bands. In 2016 he and Sergio Filho met at a show backstage and the rest is history. His strongest musical influences right now are Eric Gales, Carlos Santana, Tom Bukovac and J. Cole.

Sergio Filho - guitarist, songwriter, producer


Sergio Filho is one of Black Circle’s founding members. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Sergio started playing the guitar when he was 12. After having joined several bands during his adolescence, Sergio played with a Pearl Jam tribute band alongside Nyck and Gabriel, which later became the foundation for Black Circle. His strongest musical influences are classic bands from the 70s and 90s - everything from Pink Floyd to Radiohead. Brazilian band Clube da Esquina is also a big inspiration. Sergio is also a record producer and he’s been the brains behind all Black Circle records and music productions.

Lenny Prado - singer, songwriter, guitarist


Lenny Prado was born in 1980 in the county of Nilólopis, Rio de Janeiro. His father was an MPB and bossa nova enthusiast, so Lenny grew up listening to great names like Vinícius de Moraes, Toquinho and Chico Buarque. Although he admired their lyrics and style, Lenny never thought he'd become a singer one day, but that changed in the mid-90s when he was introduced to Rock music by his friends and decided to start his first band at the age of 17. Great names like Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley and Scott Weilland helped shape his voice and technique in his early years as a singer. As the years went by, Lenny continued to sing with other bands (most of them tribute projects), but never considered writing his own music until he joined Black Circle in 2016. Now a songwriter, he is still very much influenced by the artists he liked as a teenager, but other names like Glen Hansard, Nick Drake and Dave Matthews are great additions to the group of singers he admires.

Nyck Magnani - drummer, songwriter

Nyck's first steps on music were all driven by rock n' roll. As a person who was born in Rio, that might not be the first choice when it comes to music genres, but having strong roots on Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Pearl Jam and grunge in general, rock always seemed to be a no-way back option to him. To fit all the genuinely heavy and angry background rock brought to his life, Nyck chose to sit behind the kit and play the drums. Because of it, he joined several bands since 2006 and got to know Sergio and Gabriel (and later Luiz and Lenny) who always shared the same dream of playing rock music for a living. Needless to say that, being a history lover as he is, Nyck has became a real drum geek, always searching for different types of drums and digging the history of this awesome instrument. That's why we see him trying different textures and sounds with his drums quite often, what makes us think that Black Circle has became his sound lab!


Black Circle, a rock band out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, formed in 2013. The band was introduced to local fans as the greatest Pearl Jam tribute band. In September of 2016 Lenny joined the original band members Sergio, Nyck and Gabriel and soon after Luiz completed the current line up. As Black Circle performed throughout the country and built their reputation, the goal of releasing original music became clear.

The musical influences of each band member has brought a creative sound to Black Circle. The impact of 70s and 90s rock bands fused with jazz and folk is evident on their debut album Mercury, released in October 2020. The magnetic vocals of lead singer Lenny Prado caught the attention of Pearl Jam band members in early 2020. This helped catapult international exposure.

As the world changed in March of 2020, Black Circle made the decision to keep the music going for all the fans. Along with monthly livestreams presented on their YouTube page, Black Circle has performed a series of benefit shows. These shows have supported non-profit organizations such as Sound Girls based in the US and Central Unica das Favelas (CUFA) out of Brazil. The band was personally invited to join “Venture Into Cures” by co-founder Jill Vedder in November of 2020.


Black Circle’s captivating live performances have built a loyal fan base. The fans continue to support the band as they prepare for the release of their second album later this year, to be followed by an international tour.